Founded in 1989, Willem Racké Studio focuses on collaborating with interior designers, architects and clients, creating beautiful decorative finishes, custom hand finished plaster, murals and cabinetry.  Willem has a long history in the art of the painted finish, beginning in Manhattan where he assisted Jeffery Johnson, a noted finish artisan.He has had the opportunity to work on exclusive, cutting edge residential and commercial projects, giving him the knowledge and experience necessary to implement the designs and inspirations of his growing clientele.

Willem came to San Francisco and established his own decorative arts studio with the goal of providing artisanal finishes to the design trade. Willem is a master of period finishes, he also has a artist's talent for interpreting traditional techniques with a contemporary perspective, suited to today's sense of style and design. Willem focuses on aesthetic collaboration with interior designers, architects and clients. 

Willem Racké Studio has grown into a successful and respected design resource for architects, designers and clients on a national and international level. The studio provides full commercial and residential services with the capacity to accomplish projects of any scope. A full staff of multi-talented artisans are ready to assist in the realization of any designer or client’s vision within a time frame suited to the project. Willem’s eye for color and texture, supported by his knowledge of art history, give him an ability to discern the client’s needs as well as efficiently make them a reality.
above finish: 
Grisaille design on silver leaf background 

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